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This is Scamp from the North talking here.  I have decided to attempt to regain some love for blogging. I have pretty much been absent from the blog for the last year sitting back on this social media activity as I watched Scamp in the South doing all the hard work blogging with her picture a day (until day 331 I think!!!) I have been feeling a little like my number 2 angel (aka Moonface) looks in the picture above. Juggling life with 3 young kids, my part-time Physio job and running Scamp at times has been pretty exhausting and I have struggled to keep up with everything.  

I am, however, hugely happy with how far we have come over the last year. Highlights for me include the fact our Scamp logo is now a registered trademark (whoop whoop!!), we featured in our first (very lovely) book Inspired London A Guide to Handmade in London and we retailed at our first ever 'big' event The Country Living Christmas Fair. Phew 2012 will take some beating but hopefully we will do just that!

So anyway, back to A is for ... Angel. I am going to attempt some alphabet action into my blogging instead of a picture a day. As there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, even with my poor maths skills, that works out at one post every 2 weeks which I am hoping is sustainable!!!  I thought I would cheer everyone up as most of us, with kids, will have had to get back into some sort of routine today - aaaahhhh. I tried to put a video of Moonface singing her little heart out at her christmas concert but alas I am so inept at using Wordpress for some reason I couldn't get the video to work so a picture will have to suffice!! Moonface started pre-school in September and is thoroughly enjoying being at "Nursery Primary School"  Whoops-a-daisy Angel was her first chance at performing - something she loves to do so she was a very happy girl (despite the above photo actually!!)

Anyway 'appy new year as we say oop north. I hope it's a good 2013 for one and all and sorry for the slightly rambling first blog post of the year!!

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