Hello ... it's been a while Day 'I don't know what' Picture a Day 2012

[caption id="attachment_2251" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Rooftop viewing of St Paul's, Jonah's very first reading book, Party Time and the 'yes this is a shot of the living room the day before we moved in'"][/caption]

So the last month has been totally silent on the blog (big apologies) but , I'm back now, and in full swing with my pictures once again.  No idea what day we are any more but maybe I can google it and be more organised for the next post.  It's certainly not been the best of  months - a very sad late September when my father in law passed away swiftly followed by the craziness of trying to finish off Project New House before the move in date of October 19th.  We have now been in a week - things have calmed down slightly and I can (sort of) find most things but we are still surrounded by cardboard boxes housing all those things that need to go into the storage we have yet to build.  You know the score ... Instead of attempting to catch up on a months worth of pictures I've put together a very edited few shots of some of the random assortments of things that we did manage to do ...

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