Orange 167/366 Picture a Day 2012

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I remember the last week of university term (now many years ago) when I was in halls of residence in Edinburgh.  Friends of mine talked about only eating orange food during that time - I can't quite remember why but I think the canteen wasn't serving and they were fending for themselves was the crux of the issue.  Orange food primarily came out of a tin and was either the spagetti hoop, baked bean or Heinz Tomato soup variety.  Now that I occasionally (who am I kidding ...  probably once a week) feed my children that highly nutritious orange food stuff I laugh about the thought of my friends living on it for a whole seven days.  Once in seven is just about okay but I'm sure your innards would appreciate a little more of the green variety of food to balance it all up.  I spiced up the orange choice tonight with a little Alphabet Spagetti instead of hoops ... think I had more fun with it than the kids though!

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