Say Cheese 94/366 Picture a Day 2012

the Scampettes

Photography slightly fills me with dread.  I say that as someone who loves to take pictures but when it comes to taking product shots I get the fear.  Fear of not getting the lighting right, fear of not really knowing how to take a perfect picture and fear of the stress of doing it all yourself.  I happily snap away in non-Scamp mode and often manage to take some half decent shots - but when the pressure is on to get consistently good images of our products the dread starts.  So, this time around with our latest screen printed range the Scamp family (all three grown up sisters and 7 cousins) joined up in Leeds to get some new shots, model some t-shirts, and pose with various Scamp goodies taken by someone who know what he is doing!  We had an 80% wellness rating, 20% of grumps and at times 50% tears but I think we just about managed to get what we needed ... I hope.

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