Sticky Back Plastic 51/366 Picture a Day 2012

[caption id="attachment_1351" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The Great Ship Blue Peter"][/caption]

Blue Peter, that great bastion of British Children's Television ... during the 1980s there wouldn't have been one Christmas Card of theirs I didn't make or one craft project I didn't try.  The pinnacle of amazingness for Blue Peter fans was your ability to get into various (although in reality probably very few) places for free if you were one of the chosen few owners of a Blue Peter Badge.  I only ever remember the Jorvic Viking Centre being one of those most special of places but I'm sure there was at least one more.  Imagine my joy when I re-found my very own Blue Peter Badge tonight.  Received because I wrote to tell the team of the Octocentenary Celebrations my home town were having (I was only about 12 so please don't laugh).  I'm already struggling to curb my excitement about the adventures I will be having when I attempt to flash the badge at every national museum and venue I can in the very near future.  Now, where's Janet Ellis?

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