Ninja Bread Day 22/366 Picture a Day 2012

A Picture a Day 2012 Little Scamp makes ...

[caption id="attachment_1221" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Karate kicking, ninja fighting biscuits"][/caption]

Technically we made these biscuits yesterday - more on that to follow - but we ate these ones today so I think this photo is valid!

These little guys date back to Christmas 2011 when my brother in law's secret santa gift to me was a set of Ninja Bread cutters ... genius!  They hadn't been christened until yesterday when I baked the biscuits with the kids in the morning.  But the true greatness of these biscuits was the Cathy magic touch which was added in the afternoon.  My friend, and big friend to the kids, popped over with a treasure trove of royal icing, fondant icing, food colouring paste, silver balls, sparkly dust and bravely taught them the tricks of icing and decorating biscuits.   I  had envisaged J in particular not lasting very long with managing to do it but he stuck it out and although not making the most authentic looking Ninja (he likes yellow too much for them to be scary!) spent way over an hour at the task in hand.  Obviously he ate far more icing than was put on the biscuit but surely that is the beauty of being a child and baking?  anyway, they were a mighty tasty post swimming snack this morning.

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