Doll of Wonder Day 18/366 Picture a Day 2012 January 18 2012, 0 Comments

[caption id="attachment_1202" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Gran Glasgow's Dolly Delight"][/caption]

I bought Ava this amazing AK Doll for her Christmas last year (2010) and had it shipped over from Australia.  They are hand made in Central Asia and I admit it was far more about me thinking it was a thing of beauty than knowing whether Ava would like her or not.  For the last year she has only really been my handmade doll of wonder rather than one that has been played with - dammit, you really do want your children to love what you think is lovely, don't you?  But everything changed this Christmas.  Part of the AK Doll thing is that you can make clothes for her, knit outfits and create accessories.  She got a number of *new looks* knitted for her, one of which included a pattern for a puff ball skirt.  Hey, a little bit 80's but everything comes back into fashion doesn't it?  So, Gran Glasgow (Gran who lives in Glasgow naturally!) happily accepted the challenge of creating the skirt & made a cape to match as well - both arriving in the post today much to the delight of Ava (and her doll of wonder who has at last escaped the confines of the cupboard to be played with).