Habit Day 17/366 Picture A Day 2012

A Picture a Day 2012

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Ava and Jonah spend many a meal times messing around, not eating, getting up from the table, getting down from the table, going to the toilet ... basically, anything not to eat what I've made for them - that is, apart from breakfast.  Breakfast somehow has always been the winner meal in our house.  So much so that I happily indulge their crazy combinations as I want them set up with something in their stomachs for a day at school.  So, I bring you 'As Usual' - it is referred to commonly as 'As Usual' these days because it is too tedious to go through the list of every ingredient they want added into their cereal.  Oh go on, if you really want to know, 'as usual' for Jonah is Ready Brek, a sprinkling of cheerios, fruit puree and raisins, for Ava substitute Ready Brek for weetabix and there you have one meal a day eaten with no persuasion, no bribery and no shouting - would it be so wrong to feed the kids this every meal?

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