A five year old's near Christmas crafty party - terracotta pot Rudolf


[caption id="attachment_1034" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="The Rudolf the Reindeer Pot and contents"]

I have been wanting to share some simple Christmas Craft ideas I've been doing with the kids over the last couple of years.  Ava has the fortune (some may say misfortune) of having a birthday very close to Christmas so her birthdays tend to be of the Christmas Craft variety.  Something that she happily embraces.

She is now coming up for her 6th birthday but Birthday/Christmas 2010 involved some new crafty ideas.  I do prefer to come up with a do it yourself project if possible so off I trotted to the garden centre to procure my terracotta pots for the first one.  Rudolf can be brought out year on year as a home made storer of Christmassy things which I rather liked the idea of.

so, here's what you need:
1 small terracotta pot
foam - black and brown sheets
mini pompoms - sparkly if possible
googly eyes
sparkly 'straw' - not essential but looks very festive
something fun to fill it with - I used gold chocolate coins

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and here's how to make it

1. Cut out two large black antler shapes and two smaller brown inner shapes.  Glue together
2. Stick both antlers onto the back of the terracotta pot
3. Glue two googly eyes and a red pom pom onto the face
4. Fill with sparkly 'straw' and treats of your choice!

this was one of the going home presents from Ava's party

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