Christmas making with a 3 year old ... a sparkly angel for the tree

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Not to be left out I came up with an idea of something I made when I was a little girl (which my mum still has!) for Jonah to be able to create.  He isn't quite ready for sewing but a toilet roll angel is right up his street!  A simple but cute project for him (and you can't beat some paper doily!)

What you need:
Empty toilet roll
Tin foil
White Card (for the face)
Sparkly  pipe cleaner (for the halo)
Paper doily (for the wings)
PVA glue & sellotape
Optional - glitter and sequins

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How to make it:
1. Wrap the toilet roll with tinfoil to make it shiny and sparkling
2. Cut a paper doily in half and stick across the back of the toilet roll to make the wings
3. Cut out a small circle of white card and draw an angel face then stick onto the top of the toilet roll
4.  Shape the pipe cleaner as a halo with a little stem coming down from the bottom - use this stem to stick the halo to the top of the toilet roll
5. Add glitter and sequins if you dare!   Jonah fancied gluing buttons on
6. And when you've had enough of angels use the last toilet roll your mum has to make it into a pirate's telescope!

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