Perfect Little Angel to hang on the Christmas Tree - you can make one too

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Our Perfect Little Angel screen printed tote bags have been a Christmas Winner this year ... so, given their popularity it seemed only fair that we share the angel love and let you make something else in her style!  A really lovely kid's Christmas Craft project probably for age 5 upwards.

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What you will need:
Christmas Shaped Template - we used the Perfect Little Angel shape but any will do, trees, baubles, Christmas Puddings.
Lots of colours of felt
Needle and Embroidery Thread
Buttons, Sequins and sparkly embellishments

1. Draw your template onto a piece of card
2. Cut out the template shape on the two pieces of felt that you want to use for the back and front. We have added hair and a halo as well for the angel -remember to cut these out too
3. Add any embellishments on to your angel at this point. Ava choose some red buttons but you can add sequins, ribbon, fabric scraps or any other little embellishments or embroidery stitches that takes your fancy
4. Pin the pieces together and start sewing the around the angel's body but remember to leave a 3-4 cm gap to be able to add your stuffing in.
5. Glue the angels hair in to place
6. Place the halo between the hair and the  angel's body and add your ribbon in as well.  This just makes everything a bit neater.  Stitch the halo into the top of the hair and the ribbon all at once.  There will be quite a few layers to sew through so maybe ask an adult to help.
7. Fill with the stuffing and stitch up the little gap ... and voila ... a perfect little angel!



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