'Vintage' fisher price toys

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My mum laughs when I tell her how much 'vintage' fisher price toys sell for these days on ebay.  I recently saw the campervan (one of my favourites) on at a buy it now of £49.99!  Circa the mid 1970's when her three children had arrived Fisher Price were the toys of choice in the Robertson household.  From a Happy Apple to the Campervan, cot activity centres and telephone to Jonah's most favourite the Circus Train ... see Jonah loving it in the photo above - we had many of them.  Thankfully my mum is the kind of mum who puts things away "just in case" they are needed again in the future.   In her case, they have become reloved toys a mere 30 years later.  Just in time for the items to be defined as vintage.

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