A (relatively) new arrival to Scamp November 13 2011, 0 Comments

[caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="A Scamp model at aged just 6 days old"][/caption]

Excuse my absence from blog posting recently. Above is the reason why!! My big 11 and a half pounder Innes Jacob was born 7 weeks ago. Yes 11 and a half pounds! I couldn't quite believe it either. No wonder I was so exhausted. Well where has 7 weeks gone. I cannot believe it. He is now smiling and looking around at the world. He has two absolutley doting sisters who are ready and willing to help the minute there is a nappy to change (especially if it's poo- why are kids obsessed with poo!!) - fantastic for me, not so good for Innes who doesn't like to be cold and likes to be changed quickly!!

We are slowly but surely getting into a new routine involving school drop offs, pick ups, gymnastics for Poppy and Diddi Dance for Mia. Innes just gets carted along and so far doesn't seem to mind. I am now back on track with Scamp and looking forward to fulfilling lots of christmas orders. Why not order the special one in your life a cool Trumpety Trunk baby grow for christmas as modelled by Innes above. They are sure to look super cute too. (Stacey)