Riverside Museum - aka Glasgow's Transport Museum

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Half term in Scotland threatened to be a very cold and damp affair with rain and bad weather forecast for the whole week ... but hooray for the sun gods .... only one of the 6 days we were up proved to be a *typical* Scottish day!  The rest of the week was perfect Autumn weather - cold but bright and not a shower of rain in sight.  I do love it when the weather men get it wrong (in my favour!).

It meant that our trip to the Riverside Museum ... Glasgow's Zaha Hadid designed building housing the old transport museum's collection of ships, bikes, cars and motors ... was a very good one.

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Wheeled vehicles of all manner were the main theme of the exhibits but the Glasgow shipyards weren't forgotten with models of many of the great liners built there last century.  An old fashioned walk back in time street also proves a pleasant distraction if too many wheels gets all too much for you.  My proud moment was showing off - in a small kind of way - about the region I'm from (Dumfries and Galloway) as I dragged my family to the 'this is where bikes were invented' section of the museum ... Kirkpatrick MacMillan was a blacksmith from near where I was brought up and is credited as being the inventor of the first bicycle propelled by pedals, so .... now you know!  A small claim to fame for south west Scotland!

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