Jonah's leaving present to his 'Aunties'

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[caption id="attachment_917" align="alignleft" width="612" caption="'A' is for Aunties"]

A really lovely part of the last 18 months of Jonah's life has been his time at the Chinese Nursery.  Besides uttering the odd Chinese phrase he has become a (slightly!) calmer and very rounded little boy ... lots in part to do with the Aunties.  The Aunties may sound an ominous bunch but they are the nursery nurses and managers and as they are Chinese, they are referred to in a very respectful way hence 'Aunties'.  He is going to miss being there, I am going to miss there, but a little part of me and Jonah will be left when they get his present.  I think they might miss him a little too ...

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