Pressing Buttons

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Beep, beep. Vroom vroom, clip clop sounds resonated from the kids mouths as we entered the Transport Museum in London.  A new annual pass system where once you have bought one entrance ticket you have a one year pass has meant we have visited quite a lot more in the last few months than any other time.


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The interactiveness of the exhibits reminds me of my love of theLondonmuseums when I was a child.  Our annual trips to Guildford to visit our Aunt and Uncle always included a day up toLondon.  A day of big excitement – always a museum trip but more exciting than all was the fact we would also get to go to ….. McDonald’s!  Literally a once a year treat.  McDonald’s certainly hadn’t reached southernScotlandat this point and unbelievably it seemed like the biggest meal treat ever for us sisters.  I digress though – back toLondonmuseums – my favourite museum by far when I was a child was by far and away theScienceMuseum.  I was (and shhhh, still am!) a lover of button pushing.  The exhibits at the Science Musuem fulfilled all my button pushing/interactive desires.

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The linking point of this to the Transport Museum is that it is also a place of great interaction with many button pushing opportunities.   Both my children have inherited my deep love of pressing buttons so find the exhibits at the Transport Museum very engaging.  You can drive an underground train, dress up as a 19th Century bus conductor, run around ‘stamping’ a card as you visit all the exhibits and press buttons galore to make all forms of transport move PLUS the chance to button press to your hearts content as you ‘drive’ the front chasis only of a London bus.  Hooray for the button …

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