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Scamp stories - Tales from the Studio

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I know we have talked about our foray into Screen Printing on the blog before – both Stacey and I have now had quite a bit of experience of doing it ourselves and have created a number of samples for Scamp this year which has been super exciting.  Learning to screen print has shown us so many new possibilities of how to extend what Scamp has been doing over the past year but it has also shown us our limitations in terms of what we can realistically produce ourselves – particularly with Stacey’s 3rd child on it’s way any day soon.  Idea generating, mocking up new products and printing some of our work is very possible but actually being able to (consistently) print the finished product we want is not so easy.  With this in mind we have found a really fantastic print studio that is based in London who have taken on the screen printing side of what we do leaving us more time to make the rest of our products.


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Using the print studio has also enabled us to get the colour matching much more accurate, saved us spending hours ironing the prints to make them stayfast and delivers us our entire quantity of prints within a day.  I spent a fascinating few hours looking on and checking colours/image placements and finishes last week as our first batch of babygrows/bibs/totes and fabric came through the print process.

[caption id="attachment_875" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="How Emiko looks before she becomes a cushion or a blanket"][/caption]

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