Moon Cake Festival

[caption id="attachment_861" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Jonah's Mooncake"][/caption]

I have probably mentioned this before but my little boy currently attends a lovely Chinese Nursery.  It is local and convenient for us which were the drivers in initially choosing for him to go there but has proved to be an amazing place for him to learn and grow over the last year.  Not only can he now utter a few words of Chinese (hello, goodbye and happy new year are pretty much his repertoire!) but he is immersed (in addition to the usual religious festivals celebrated in schools) in various Chinese traditions and festivals which he wouldn’t normally have much to do with in a different environment.  Rather than calling his nursery teachers by their name they are referred to as Auntie – with the collective noun being ‘the aunties’ in our household!  He also gets taken to the Camden Chinese Community Centre festivities to celebrate Chinese New Year (amazing dragon dances, magicians) and today will be heading there again to celebrate the mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival.

Nursery bake moon cakes to celebrate the festival … Jonah ‘models’ one of them in the photograph.  Made using lotus seed paste it's quite an acquired taste but pudding tonight sorted!

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