Baking, Making and Poppy Taking

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One of the prettiest sights on our Suffolk trip were the fields and fields of wheat sheafs and poppies we encountered on our walks ... all five of the children who were with us took great pleasure in picking some of these gorgeous flowers to take home for a wild flower vase for the table.

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Unsurprisingly, it was the three girls who got most into the making part of the days we were away.  Jonah preferred the obstacle course running in the garden side of the holiday but Ava patiently created and painted a number of clay items with Milla and Lola.  The days we were in Suffolk were interspersed with making, running, playing, walking, talking, cooking, reading (the brilliant Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman) and eating.  Cushla (my friend who we were staying with) is a chef and now runs a cake making business called the Cakette.  We had a most delicious lemon drizzle polenta cake waiting for our arrival which lasted us the days we were away - you can spot the last few pieces in front of Ava's clay making.

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Meals were made using some of the produce from the allotment so life in Suffolk felt very much more Good Life than London life.  We all need that every so often

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