Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Countdown to Festival Time

Oooh, only 5 sleeps before me and my gals head up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Having studied in Edinburgh for four years until 1996, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival became a pretty integral part of summer life. Every summer I used to go up and see a couple of shows and one year I even did the "giving out the flyers" thing to try and raise enough cash to stay up for the summer. That was a very tedious and non-rewarding job, however, did give me the chance to stay in Edinburgh for the whole summer before the reality of a having a real job set in.

So, it's fairly set in my yearly calendar to try to get up and see at least one or two shows every year.  Of course, with kids, the emphasis of what is being chosen from the thousands of performances has changed slightly from bizarre dance acts, wacky comedians and burlesque evenings to the more sedate shows of Hairy Maclary and The Little Mermaid Ballet which I have booked to go and see this year. I  am always very excited to take the girls up to Edinburgh because it feels like a second home to me and there is always, always something fun for the kids to do (and not just at festival time). I will, of course, manage to fit in going to one of my favourite craft events, the West end Fair, which has over 80 exhibitors of  goodies - "must keep wallet firmly shut !" We'll see!!
 Oh and P.S i am also managing to go and see the fabulous Camille on Friday night with my mates so really looking forward to that. Must go to sleep now!! (Stacey -Scamp From the North)

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