Beautiful things August 01 2011, 0 Comments

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I love beautiful things. I have always loved beautiful things. Many moons ago, I used to work in a lovely shop called Opus (sadly it is no longer with us) - it sold beautiful things and I always remember it was a struggle to save up my hard earned pennies instead of spending them on things from the shop. Unfortunately, it remains a constant battle between my head and my wallet to stay in control of the purse strings!

I like colour, no actually I love colour and print and patterns. Hence the Scamp website being full of colour as it is. So, when we laid oak flooring throughout the hallway, living room and kitchen and put in an oak 'console table' into the hallway and an oak shelving unit into the living room I was worried it all looked a bit too samey ( not sure if this is really a word!!). However, it has allowed me to scour around for artwork,vases, cushions and picture frames that are full of colour to bring life into our space.

When I was down in London recently, having our latest business meeting, we did manage to head to Exmouth Street Market which had some great shops and cafe's all on one little tiny street and I clocked this Rob Ryan vase that I quite simply couldn't say no to. It looks brilliant in the hallway with or without flowers in it and is just what was needed to bring back some colour. I was a happy bunny on the train back to Leeds - a very productive business meeting and a beautiful thing!!