Lampshade making with Laura Slater

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I have often thought about trying to make my own lampshades for various rooms in our house but, as usual, there is always something more important to do or things get in the way or for laziness reasons it is easier to go to a website and buy one online. However, we are currently in the midst of re-decorating our eldest daughter's room  (well I say we, I am doing the creative bit and Mr husband is doing the hard work). I think that is only right given the fact I am the size of a house and can barely bend over to do up my shoelaces already and I still have 9 weeks of pregnancy hell to go.

So, back to the point ... Poppy's room is soon to become Poppy and Mia's room with bunk beds and everything so lots of care is going into the decor as I would like it to be a room they are happy in for longer than just a couple of years. The plunge was taken and I finally decided to go and learn how to make a lampshade so I can make one just for them. I chose to go to The Bowery in Leeds to be taught by Laura Slater who screen prints her own fabric and uses it to create beautifully designed lampshades and cushions. It was a really enjoyable 3 hours. I went with a friend who came down from Edinburgh and there were about 10 of us in the class.  We were provided with the kit and caboodle and I brought along some of my own beautiful Japanese fabric to see if I could create something for the new bedroom. Laura did a great job of keeping us in line and explaining each step so I am hopeful I will remember how to re-do all this myself (and she did give us some handy notes to take away with us too!)

I felt the size of the lamshade ring leant itself more to being a table lamp than a pendant lampshade so I have decided not to put it into the girls new room but put it in my newly decorated hallway. It looks lovely and tones in really well with the decor. I was getting worried about the fact we had put solid oak flooring throughout the bottom of the house and there wasn't enough colour. This just gives it a sophisticated edge and I am so proud to have made it myself. I will now have to put aside some time to get the right sized rings to make a pendant shade for the girls. Watch this space!!

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