Regents Canal May 20 2011, 0 Comments

Apart from loving old reruns of the CBeebies series Rosie and Jim which we seem to watch endlessly on DVD we also live about 0.25 miles from Regents Canal in north London.  This gives a double reason why the two mini Ps enjoy our urban waterways so much.  Walking along the canal is something that we do at least twice a week which means the kids see canal boats/how the locks work/the canoeist who share the water and the birds who swim in it an awful lot.  They even are able to spot a bit of Banksy graffiti along the way too ... throwing art and culture into the mix as well.

On the most recent May Bank Holiday Little Venice hosted a Canalway Cavalcade which we cycled along to.  The event itself combined a boaters' gathering with a trade show and a wide range of activities and entertainments. We wandered around obviously stopping at the obligatory craft and making stall for Ava (this time a coloured in badge!).  My favourite stalls were the ones selling traditional canal boat objects - beautifully hand painted household items like watering cans and pots.  Not sure if they are purely decorative (see the picture of the watering cans on top of the barge) or are used as well.

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