The lighthouse keeper May 14 2011, 0 Comments

Miss P has been studying lighthouses with a bit of beaches and sea birds thrown into the mix as her most recent school topic.  The starting point for this has been a lovely series of books including the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.  The class went on a trip to the Wetlands Centre in Barnes as part of this project but weren't able to get as far out as to sea an actual lighthouse.   I'm always keen to help her with her projects, rooting around drawers for bits on different topics but pulling a lighthouse out of the bag (so to speak) was not going to be the easiest.  that is until I remembered that a trip to my folks in south west Scotland was upon us - and with it, a chance to see the Southerness Lighthouse ... fun fact folks - it's the oldest lighthouse in Scotland - oh yes indeed!

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there were 66 pretty steep and slightly wonky steps to climb up to get inside the lighthouse but getting to the top was worth it ... beautiful views across to the Isle of Man and around the Solway Firth plus the 'lighthouse keeper' (well, really the guide as it is no longer a working lighthouse) who showed Ava the lantern and told her some tales about the lighthouse when it was working.  I think I scored good school brownie points for once!