This could have been a very dry visit May 10 2011, 0 Comments

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I can't say that the Bank of England Museum would be my first port of call as a trip with a 3 and 5 year old but a free Easter Egg Hunt and School Holidays lured me there with them at the end of last month:)  And, you know, it wasn't that bad a place - there were a few younger child friendly things to do - my favourite being a hot air balloon simulator showing the ups and downs of inflation as you flew it! Went slightly over my head let alone the kids but they seemed to enjoy the pretence of floating away in it before the egg hunt proper began

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The egg hunt took them around lots of the galleries as they searched for answers to clues or spotted eggs or chicks in different cabinets.

The most young child friendly part of the exhibition had to be a short focus on Wind in the Willows ... for all you Mr Toad and Ratty fans out there Kenneth Williams used to work at the Bank of England so a small corner is dedicated to his stories and kid's can listen to recordings of some of the tales.

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Post egg hunt the kids got themselves a Creme Egg and made themselves an Easter Basket to put it in ... well, I think the egg was eaten before the basket was finished but you get the picture