May in a Day

Little Scamp fun Scamp in the City

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Mr P has to work tomorrow (booo ...) but it does mean that the kids and I can go off and have a bit of an adventure on our own.    The plan is to hit Cecil Sharpe House in Primrose Hill - the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society - to take part in their May Day festivities 'May in a Day'.  The theme this year is Hobby Horses which I have to admit I had no idea had anything to do with May Day - maybe this comes from being a Scot or just not listening enough at school when this was talked about??  Ho hummm ... However, despite my lack of May Day knowledge the whole event looks really good fun.  Added to that Ava also goes to their C# Minors kid's folk dancing classes s0 we shall be merrily whirling around May Poles like pros despite a tendency more towards the ceilidh end of the folk dance spectrum.

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