Poppy's beloved pram

Scamp loves ...

This Silver Cross Pram was mine when I was a little girl. I was quite a  girly girl, loving dolls and playing with my little sister four years my junior which somehow seemed to make it more acceptable to continue on the playing with dolls till I was probably too old for them! The pram was kept in mum and dad's attic for 25 years waiting for grandchildren to pass it on to. Unfortunately, it rusted in the attic but was  lovingly restored by Gran and Grampa last year for Poppy's third birthday. She too absolutley loves her dolls and playing 'the baby game'  so getting this almost real life pram was like winning the lottery for her. We often take Baby Dawn for a walk round the block or to the park and she receives so many comments and admiring glances from people young and old. We don't tend to encourage Mia being pushed around in the pram but she does look quite cute!!

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