Making a la Blue Peter April 22 2011, 0 Comments

I used to love Blue Peter as a kid - particularly the making part - give me double sided sticky tape and bottles of empty washing up liquid and I was in crafty heaven.  My sisters and I used to re-enact the baking scenes in our kitchen with everything carefully measured out into bowls ready to be tipped into the mixer and made into something delicious (or not so) as we told the viewers each step of the process!

So, it was with great excitement that I stumbled across one of my Blue Peter makes at a recent trip back to my folks.  I remember making my mum this sewing kit very well.

It was made from a Swan match box and a little bit of spare fabric of my mums.  I don't remember if sticky back plastic was involved but if it was, 20+ years of it living inside my mum's handbag has shown it doesn't last forever![gallery orderby="title"]