Original Inspiration - First Shoe pictures April 20 2011, 0 Comments

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Our mum never throws anything out ... but often, things gather a bit more dust than they should as there isn't a home for them.  My first pair of shoes (and both of my sisters) were some of the items that have been around our old bedrooms for long enough but never really with somewhere to go.  I love the idea of First Shoes - maybe it's because I love shoes! - so for my mum's birthday a couple of years ago i suggested that me and my two sisters each took one of our own first shoes and made a picture with them .  Mum has created a nursery for all the grand kids so I though it would look lovely on the walls in there.  With only a colour scheme in mind each of us set off making our own version of a First Shoe picture.  First shoes in the 70's were not the soft leather shoes that are now used in the Scamp pictures so were quite wide.  The glass front has come off these but I think they look lovely.  My mum was suitably touched and delighted to remove one item from the window ledge!