World Book Day - Handa's Surprise

Little Scamp fun

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Handa's Surprise"][/caption]

One of Miss P's favourite books is Handa's Surprise so when it came to World Book Day (well, it was actually the week after) the kids at her school were to come dressed up as their favourite book character.  Normally a scrabble around on my part to find appropriate costume or how to cobble together a look but this one wasn't so bad.  A few years ago my folks had brought back an African basket from South Africa, we had the pinky African looking sun dress (albeit it was too cold to wear on it's own so needed a top underneath) and the pink flip flops looked rather fetching over a pair of tights.  The finishing touch was the fab fruit set from Ikea (although not quite the seven fruits in Handa's basket) but along the right lines!  It was insisted I pleat her hair - not quite corn braiding but a nod to what it should look like - and tonight Matthew ... I'm going to be Handa!

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