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Nelly the elephant blue/green colourwayWell as you can probably tell my sister and I have a 'thing' about fabrics. In my case, the brighter the better. I love rainbow colours and bold patterns but also little florals and polka dots. Polka dots go with everything as long as you can tone in the shade of fabric so I have found these to work really well in a lot of our products.

I have struggled to find good fabric shops in and around Leeds. Don't get me wrong there are some around but not always with what we are looking for. Samuel Taylors is a great source of simple ginghams, plain cottons, felt and haberdashery galore but has not hit the mark with the slightly more unusal fabrics which we tend to go after here at the Scamp headquarters. One of my very favourite online fabric shops is which sells pretty much everything we are looking for. Not only do they sell fabric by the fat quarter and multiples of,  they make up gorgeous fabric bundles which make it easy for everyone, from beginners to professionals, to get a really lovely project off the ground. Go on, I dare you!! It can sometimes be difficult to get the colour tones right when mixing and matching fabrics that you are buying online so these little bundles are great to ensure you get it spot on.

Our Nelly the Elephant mobile was made with such a bundle and it is one of my favourite products on the website. My little daughter Mia, who is now 21 months has one above her cot in her room. She adores it and can now say Nelly. Being from Scotland, we regularly travel up and down the A1 but Mia always knows she is back in her own bed when she sees her Nelly dangling above it.

Well, I think that is enough blethering ('bleth-er' - 1. idle chat. 2 yackety-yak. 3. prattle) for tonight. Get yourself some beautiful fabrics and create something brilliant.

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