Drum Roll .... Time for the christmas card competition result January 10 2011, 0 Comments

Happy New Year from Scamp from the North. My new years resolution is ... to write more for the blog.

I actually quite enjoy writing about general shenanigans without the pressure of teachers marking my work. English was never really a strong point of mine at school, so well written essays you will definitley not find here, but hopefully lots of jibba jabba which will keep you coming back for more!

Its official, I have contacted the adjudicator this evening (my mum!!) to check in on the result of the christmas card competition winner this year.

After, a small amount of deliberating, she revealed Scamp from the north (me - yipee!!) had made the grade. This, you will remember, was the HANDMADE christmas tree with bright coloured baubles on it. My mum, a bit of a traditionalist at heart, especially when it comes to christmas voted for the one and only truly handmade card to be the winner but was very diplomatic saying that really, it was awfully close to call!!

Many thanks to all involved!!!