New Shops - Blade Rubber Stamps

I'm always on the look out for new places to source fabrics, trimmings, card making paraphernalia etc etc. I'm old fashioned in some senses because ideally I like to see what I'm buying so happily visit shops to have a look around - maybe buying online eventually but touching and feeling and seeing with my own eyes helps me make a judgement about whether to buy or not. Anyway, I was on a card making mission a couple of days ago so headed to Paperchase to do another job but stopped on their arts floor to see if they had anything stamp related. They did have these lovely ones but not quite what I was looking for at that moment. A quick (and fruitful) chat to a very knowledgeable staff member meant I was sent off in the direction of Blade Rubber Stamps situated near the British Museum. A cornucopia of stamps and all things card making related ... some of which not up my street at all but plenty that was. Would love to hear if you have any top tips!

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