Etsy Night

Two 'learning' events in one day - my pea brain is hurting! Etsy UK hosted a UK Branding & Media Workshop in a cool new venue - Drink Shop Do . A rather gorgeous (think vintage furniture and homewares sprinkled with hand made gifts and a dash of cola cubes and tasty drinks) in a rather ungorgeous part of town - Kings Cross!

Matthew Stinchcomb - Etsy's European Director chatted away for a couple of hours about how best to market and brand you and your handmade goods and really highlighted the importance of social media as a key referrer to your online shop - you are your brand, and your story is your brand and what better way to tell others about your story than through some of the myriad of social networking options.  A new concept in marketing from the ones in my previous working lives - no buying spot ads, banners or print campaigns but I'm happy with that and can totally get the importance of it. I now buy (in a lot of situations) based on blog recommendations, twitter comments and facebook finds so I act on it too. The talk was really informative and a great motivator to make sure that Scamp's facebook page is fully up and running and Twitter is tweeting merrily!

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